Let’s get started!

Have you ever felt like something, somehow, is wrong, but you were incapable of saying what that something is. Like at some point the world started turning the wrong way and nobody noticed but you can sort of feel it? This is how I’m feeling right now. I’ll catch myself going through the motions, completely lost in thoughts, except I don’t even remember what I was thinking about. I just feel out of place, like I’m expecting something that isn’t coming. Let me tell you, this is not a nice feeling, and it’s getting quite invasive lately.

So I’ve decided to hold on to something that always feels right. Baking.

I wasn’t born in a family where food and cooking is very present or a tradition, but I’ve always had a sweet tooth and both my grandmothers and my mother are helpless at baking. I never had apple pie or homemade cookies as a child and I picked up old cookbooks at a young age to try my own little hand at easy cakes and fell in love with the calming process of weighing, stirring, whipping, sharing and enjoying.

I think it is the endless possibilities and creativity associated to the precision it requires to create something beautifully ephemeral and utterly delicious that brings people together with the most simple and natural ingredients that always brings me back to this place on earth where I feel right, like I actually belong.

Since lately I am struggling to find this place I will endeavour to recreate it while keeping a track of all my trials and favorites, fails and successes and use this space to really figure out what is wrong with me, around me.

This is my new safe space, to communicate with the world without being seen, which will allow me to show myself for who I really am in complete anonymity.

If you’ve stumbled here and feel similarly or think you can help, by all means feel free to join in.

Let the adventure begin!


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